Stephen WILLIAMS grew up in an orphanage and longed to be adopted like his friend and fellow orphan, Thomas. In The Apple House Mr. Williams is portrayed as a petty thief who stole from his foster family and corrupted his foster brother. A few months ago after a long, some say enforced silence, he came forward to set the record straight.

The interview took place on a Sunday morning in the workroom of Laviolette & fils, the historic shoe shop in St Ange du Lac. To mark the occasion, Mr. Williams, who still answers to his childhood nickname, Swen, sported oxblood wingtips along with his trademark pink shirt and white jeans. The interviewer unearthed a pair of bedraggled green sandals for the occasion. Petey Jackson caught a fragment of the conversation on an old tape recorder which unfortunately broke down before the interview ended.


Swen:             All my life, I had a raw deal but I made the best of it. You do what you have to do. I never corrupted anyone. I never stole a dime in my life. These shoes I’m wearing, I bought them with my own money and I can tell you they weren’t cheap. This place was my home. I slept right here in the backroom. Thomas and me, we ran the place together. We were like brothers. And then along comes that snooty English chic and tries to cut me out. When Thomas died, that was the worst day of my life.

Gillian:          What happened exactly?

Swen:             She fell apart, that’s what happened. I tried to help her out for Thomas’s sake. I should have known she was too screwed up to give me a chance.

Gillian:          But then you took over the old Apple House.

Swen:             So what if I did. I moved on. Started my own business. I’m in landscaping, you know. Had my own truck and everything.

Gillian:          I heard the police were after you.

Swen:             Yeah and you want know why? Ill tell you why.


Unfortunately the tape ends here but you can read the book.


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