The bare bones

Gillian spent her formative years in Pointe Claire, Quebec, attending elementary and high school in English with one year of elementary school in French, After obtaining a BA from L’Université de Montréal, she spent a year as a Child Care Worker before migrating, first to Kitchener Ontario and work in a library, and then to South Hampton, England where she was Assistant Housemother in a children’s home. At the height of the FLQ crisis she returned to Montreal with a babe in arms and took refuge in the suburbs. An icy plunge into North Ontario and the village of South Porcupine lasted four years. She thawed out in Vancouver while studying for a library degree at UBC. In the eighties she moved to Terrace, BC, with her husband and two daughters and became the children’s librarian at the Terrace Public Library. Now, a grandmother of two, and retired from paid employment, she lives on Salt Spring Island with her husband.

And then some

Berry picking and tart making

Berry Picking and Tart MakingPuppets

Three Billy Goats Gruff Two little pigs Punch and Judy




The Beach