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The Apple House

“The Apple House is a novel rich with vivid detail: shoes, artificial legs, and old houses. Gillian Campbell weaves the story of Imogene as an adult, an Anglophone who has forgotten her French, together with Imo, as a child, running free.  Played out across a beautifully evoked landscape, the suburbs of the West Island of Montreal become layered with memory in this compelling book.” ~ Kate Pullinger Available from Brindle & Glass in Canada September 4, 2012 in the US, … Continue reading

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A conversation with Louise C

Louise: What prompted you to write the Apple House? Gillian: Growing up in Quebec in the fifties and sixties, I was aware of two major divides in the cultural landscape, religion and language. Religion was something one was born to. Babies were issued baptismal certificates, not birth certificates. School Boards were either Catholic or Protestant and taxes were directed to one or the other. Religion was immutable but language was another matter. Hardly anyone I knew spoke French but lots … Continue reading

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